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Unholy Confessions
Jenns Journal
 shits crazy. 

still have boy drama i think i figured it out.' 

im having a lot of  fun though. :] :]

david came and got adriana for a few days he said he is gonna take her a few days a week from now on cuz he wants to see her more often. 
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ill be free in like a week or 2 hopefully im excited i cant wait!!
im gonna go on a shopping spree with all the money i DONT have lol but fuck it i think i deserve it plus all the stuff i wanna get for adriana is like $225 and i need clothes cuz i dont fit into hardly any of my jeans anymore since ive just been in the house all the time ive just been wearing sweat pants and pajamas but i dont wanna  go out in public like that. i almost have my fines and bills payed off anyways so i think i can spend some. i still havent done my taxes but that should be pretty big since im married and had the baby and all. 
other than that david still doesnt have a job no ones hiring i hope he gets one soon so he can come back here  and i dont have to support him me and the baby by myself.
anyways. hes going to court on the 20th but theyre prolly just gonna throw his case out cuz its the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard.
chris (tiffanys boyfriend) goes the same day and he has 9 yrs over his head and its his 2nd violation of probation so he might get some time. his baby is due the 26th so he might not even get to see her :/
that would suck.
thats about it i just figured id update this since i said id do it more often but havent.

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comment to be added :]


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